The easiest way to create your schedule.

Add courses, view combinations, filter any way you want.

Currently available only at the George Washington University, Washington DC

What is Hipposchedule?

Hipposchedule is an online scheduling tool that lets you create your schedule of classes in minutes. You select the classes you want to take, Hipposchedule calculates all possible ways of combining them, and lets you filter the combinations by professors, times, days, and locations.

Evaluate all options

Sometimes, selecting 6 classes for 16.5 credits can leave you with 15,000 possible combination. Needless to say, nobody can figure out which one works best with pen and paper. Hipposchedule does the math for you, so all you have to do is figure out the criteria for your perfect schedule.


  • Easily change your schedule when the status of your courses changes.

  • Filter out closed sections.

  • See all books for each course.

  • Create as many schedules as you like.

  • Export to iCal, Google Calendar & Outlook.